Travel Notes: Bolinao

Last weekend I found myself chasing seagulls in Bolinao with the significant human. I’m turning 28 soon and she thought that we can use the Halloween season (read: vacation season) to do an early celebration. Of course we can. One of the first things you would learn as a working adult is that other than … Continue reading Travel Notes: Bolinao


Revisiting Wartime Philippines in Corregidor Island

For such a small country, the Philippine islands have a colorful history. This makes traveling around the country not only visually satisfying but also knowledge-enriching. Personally, I got several reasons to celebrate the month of February. But my idea of celebration is rarely a fancy dinner or some house party. My preference for minimal human interaction makes … Continue reading Revisiting Wartime Philippines in Corregidor Island

Touring Bohol City, Philippines

I've been quite occupied in the past few months and before I realized it, I was already chasing summer. A summer out-of-town activity is not really a necessity. I've survived many summers doing mundane things expected of me like studying, working, or just enjoying the free time at home; yes, I've long conceded that I … Continue reading Touring Bohol City, Philippines