2018 is Going to be a Ride

2016 was a year of wandering. No, it’s not because I am directionless. That can be argued but that’s not where I’m getting at with this. It was a year of stepping out of my comfort zone (read: house and office), heeding the call of adventure at last, and checking out what’s out there. It … Continue reading 2018 is Going to be a Ride



Unbeknownst to a lot of people, I have a blind grandmother who is an Ivatan. Yes, the folks from the North whose origin is still not certain. She just turned 90 last week and she's starting to lose her memory of things. While that's understandable because of her age, that's quite sad knowing that she … Continue reading Grandma

November Ended with a Bang

The Christmas season is once again upon us. Or maybe just Manila. And you would feel it. Your opinion on the season, good or bad, doesn't matter. Just look at the people. Yes. People. I have a love-hate relationship with people. Does that mean that I have a love-hate relationship with myself as well? Yes. … Continue reading November Ended with a Bang


On Emails and Google Inbox

Despite the volume of the emails I get daily, I keep my unread emails below 100. No, I don't read every single one given the number of subscriptions I have. That would be a pain. But I see to it that I at least skimmed through the subjects before deleting them. And they have to … Continue reading On Emails and Google Inbox


Try Again

I got a copy of The Flip Reader a few weeks ago. It was on sale. More than 70% off. I was fortunate. The country? Not so much. A markdown of 70% percent can only mean one thing—no one’s buying it. Sad. Being a collection of the greatest hits from the Flip magazine, there’s really … Continue reading Try Again



In the last 40 days I lost two uncles to cancer. Four family members in the last three years. One could have turned 67 today. We had the interment of the other instead. I don’t want to reduce them to a number. I have seen how the sickness have reduced them to a fraction of … Continue reading Black


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