Short Letters in an Empty Garage

Dear Mom, I will always be your little boy. I'm sorry I couldn't buy you the house I promised when I was a kid. I'm sorry for being stubborn and wasting the years of my life on worthless shit. Dad was right. You should've allowed him to straighten me up. Thanks for not giving up … Continue reading Short Letters in an Empty Garage


Hard Luck

So I was in a jeepney's passenger seat when a traffic enforcer flagged us down to ask for the driver's license. Loading on green light. Violation. The driver didn't have a license to present. Turned out it was already confiscated yesterday. The driver was apologetic and even thanked the traffic enforcer probably for not losing … Continue reading Hard Luck

It’s Easier to Talk to Strangers

"It's easier to talk to strangers," we said a while ago during our usual after hours conversation in the office. We didn't really offer any explanation. We didn't know how to explain it anyway. We simply stated an observation. We've always known ourself as someone rather shy by nature. We don't believe it is part … Continue reading It’s Easier to Talk to Strangers