The Undisclosed Patronuses (Patroni? Patronopodes?)

I googled it. Our good friend said that the book used “patronuses". But I often enjoy playing with words so there you go, I'm giving you options. The patronus they say takes the form of an animal that has a special affinity with the caster. But what if the caster doesn’t have very good qualities? … Continue reading The Undisclosed Patronuses (Patroni? Patronopodes?)


November Ended with a Bang

The Christmas season is once again upon us. Or maybe just Manila. And you would feel it. Your opinion on the season, good or bad, doesn't matter. Just look at the people. Yes. People. I have a love-hate relationship with people. Does that mean that I have a love-hate relationship with myself as well? Yes. … Continue reading November Ended with a Bang

N’avis and a Kitchen (Mis)adventure

The significant human and I just celebrated our eighth anniversary. If you haven’t known me that long, I’m giving you all the time you need to let that sink in. Yes, this plant has a partner and yes, he has been with her for eight years. If you are single and you feel hopeful about … Continue reading N’avis and a Kitchen (Mis)adventure


Wandering Plant, Flower Friends, and a New Gig

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a kayak in the middle of a turbulent lake. I know. How can lakes even be turbulent? And what is a land plant doing in a lake?! It doesn’t make sense. Ha! Nothing makes sense. To my own disappointment, I haven’t blogged in the past two … Continue reading Wandering Plant, Flower Friends, and a New Gig


On Mute

Marcus is on mute. Well not totally but he’s definitely not going to make any sound without assistance from now on. Marcus is my Macbook Pro. Yes, I named him. I figured, if I’m going to have an intimate relationship with an inanimate object, I better give it a name. No. I’m just making an … Continue reading On Mute


The 6 Types of People in Your Daily Walk

I walk a lot. Like A LOT. On afternoons I take a break from work, go out of the building, and walk to the farthest walkable convenient store. I either buy things I don't really need or food I don't really crave. When visiting new places, I normally consult a map and walk. Back in … Continue reading The 6 Types of People in Your Daily Walk


As time goes by…

As time goes by, the idea of waking up in the wilderness in some foreign land seems more enjoyable than scary.   Am I depressed? Maybe. Tired? Hell, yes!   If I only have to look after myself, I'd be in New Zealand maybe, herding sheep... with nanobot implants and capable of mass destruction and advanced cell … Continue reading As time goes by…