Tonight I walked against a tide of people rushing home. For a moment there loneliness was so real. I guess the blues caught me off-guard again. The noise of the day was slowly dying down, people were rushing home, the world would slip to silence in a while and amidst the bustle there I was … Continue reading Whale


Things We Can’t Express, Forrest Gump, and Maybes

Some days you just feel like quitting. It’s not because your job sucks or your best relationship went shitty. In fact you can be doing well in both. But sometimes you just feel tired or god forbid, depressed. If you call a friend, they might take you out with them to some place fun and … Continue reading Things We Can’t Express, Forrest Gump, and Maybes

Last Wishes

When I die, I would like my body cremated and my ashes scattered at dawn somewhere in the island of Corregidor overlooking the sea. That place wherein for once in my adult life I found peace and happiness that I cannot even put to words. Along with the forgotten yet peaceful structures and unrecognized graves. The … Continue reading Last Wishes



"Anything you need from us?" Liz asked Joe while packing up her things. "Oh I just sent you the draft for the new ad. Mind looking into them tonight? I could sense that you're heading somewhere though." "Oh, I'm sorry Joe. We got a reservation at Harvey's. I thought Simon already told you," Liz said … Continue reading Joe



"Bye mom!" Pepper put on his shoes and walked out of the door. "Where are you going anyway?" his mom asked. "There. Somewhere" he replied before finally going down the stairs to the resort's lobby. "Good morning sir!" greeted the lady receptionist. "Breakfast will be ready at the dining hall in about thirty minutes," she … Continue reading Pepper


A Case of Zombie, Planner Fail, Contemptible Things, and just being Unwell

I caught it again. No, let me rephrase that for I constantly have opposing ideas in my head that I'm convinced I actually have more personalities than what I used to believe. After all, it would be nice to follow a writing idol's way of referring to herself. We caught it again; the zombie sickness. … Continue reading A Case of Zombie, Planner Fail, Contemptible Things, and just being Unwell