Dumb Review: Ang Larawan (9/10)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7T2DAUUvn8 This year's Christmas movie (which may not at all be about Christmas and only means I watched it on Christmas day) is Loy Arcenas' Ang Larawan. I gave it an express rating of 9/10. If you care to know, an express rating is a quick rating I record the moment I exit the theater. … Continue reading Dumb Review: Ang Larawan (9/10)


Dumb Review: Smaller and Smaller Circles (7/10)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJI02shcOfo If you have neither read the book nor watched the movie, then spoiler alert. If you have read the book but not watched the movie, still, spoiler alert. There. Maybe that’s enough warning. After a long wait, the movie is finally out. Naturally, I rushed to the cinema to watch it. Well, not really. … Continue reading Dumb Review: Smaller and Smaller Circles (7/10)

Dumb Review: La La Land

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pdqf4P9MB8 Maybe this generation loves La La Land because it tells the story of our life. It tells how we struggle to reach our dreams while we take jobs--odd sometimes-- simply because they pay the bills. It tells how we lose our vision and faith, for it seems like the only options we can afford … Continue reading Dumb Review: La La Land

Cambodia 2016: Visiting Our Khmer Neighbors

This is a long post. In fact this is our longest post to date. It is because we mixed our advices, tips, and recommendations with the narrative of our experience. We'd of course appreciate it if you're going to read everything but we prepared quick notes in the end. Thanks for visiting! Cambodia is a … Continue reading Cambodia 2016: Visiting Our Khmer Neighbors

Impressions on our Sunday’s Worst

We went out looking extra lousy today. For us, looking presentable is 30% wearing the right outfit and 70% doing our hair right. Generally, men can do away with any hair styling by getting a buzz cut. We so want to. But since the shape of our head is not something we can consider visually pleasant, we need … Continue reading Impressions on our Sunday’s Worst