Tonight I walked against a tide of people rushing home. For a moment there loneliness was so real. I guess the blues caught me off-guard again. The noise of the day was slowly dying down, people were rushing home, the world would slip to silence in a while and amidst the bustle there I was … Continue reading Whale


Logging Pitfall: Let’s just log everything! What could go wrong?


So last week I overheard one of our developers’ discussion with the account manager who happens to be a tech person as well. They were talking about errors encountered by a client’s website written in Python Django. The developer reported that the site just began crashing whenever this or that script starts to write things to the website’s log file and they were expecting that the user under which the site runs has not enough permission to perform logging. It was reasonable since the whole website was moved from one hosting provider to another and it might have been encountering configuration issues. I ignored it. I was preparing for a prototype presentation that afternoon.

That same developer works for my team and even joined me in the presentation. When we got back to the office, she said that she would have to stay a little longer to work on…

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