Bali 2018: Monkeys, Traffic, Sweltering Heat, and a Well-deserved Break

After working my ass off in a myriad of things, I finally got a vacation. No, I was not able to settle everything that I wanted settled before boarding the plane to wonderland; certain circumstances just wouldn’t permit it. But I had my leave filed a month before my trip and my immediate superior at … Continue reading Bali 2018: Monkeys, Traffic, Sweltering Heat, and a Well-deserved Break


Travel Notes: Bolinao

Last weekend I found myself chasing seagulls in Bolinao with the significant human. I’m turning 28 soon and she thought that we can use the Halloween season (read: vacation season) to do an early celebration. Of course we can. One of the first things you would learn as a working adult is that other than … Continue reading Travel Notes: Bolinao

Back to the Mountains

I found myself for the third time in the Cordilleras. I actually mean Baguio City but calling it the Cordilleras makes things sound more interesting. The place has become a refuge when the stress level gets alarming and I need a break from the “noise”. Truth be told, there is nothing much [left] for me … Continue reading Back to the Mountains


Travel Notes: Subic Freeport

  February is travel season for me and the significant human. However, our busy schedules would not permit us to go far so we decided to just go to Subic Bay. Admittedly, the place was quite randomly chosen. We just needed a break and we had to be away from the more popular travel destinations because it … Continue reading Travel Notes: Subic Freeport


Cambodia 2016: Visiting Our Khmer Neighbors

This is a long post. In fact this is our longest post to date. It is because we mixed our advices, tips, and recommendations with the narrative of our experience. We'd of course appreciate it if you're going to read everything but we prepared quick notes in the end. Thanks for visiting! Cambodia is a … Continue reading Cambodia 2016: Visiting Our Khmer Neighbors


Revisiting Wartime Philippines in Corregidor Island

For such a small country, the Philippine islands have a colorful history. This makes traveling around the country not only visually satisfying but also knowledge-enriching. Personally, I got several reasons to celebrate the month of February. But my idea of celebration is rarely a fancy dinner or some house party. My preference for minimal human interaction makes … Continue reading Revisiting Wartime Philippines in Corregidor Island


Leisurely Walk in Baguio

For our 26th birthday, our significant human arranged a short vacation in Baguio. With a lot of work oddly coming in at the last quarter of the year, it was just about what we needed. Baguio is a good place to unwind. It gives you a break from the uncomfortable Manila heat but doesn't put you in … Continue reading Leisurely Walk in Baguio