Dumb Review: Ang Larawan (9/10)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7T2DAUUvn8 This year's Christmas movie (which may not at all be about Christmas and only means I watched it on Christmas day) is Loy Arcenas' Ang Larawan. I gave it an express rating of 9/10. If you care to know, an express rating is a quick rating I record the moment I exit the theater. … Continue reading Dumb Review: Ang Larawan (9/10)



https://youtu.be/vvnZRnK7ySk Years ago I played this while the year was closing, the party was over, and everyone was cleaning up. I wasn't sure why. Maybe because I get melancholic in the oddest of times. Maybe because the end of each year for me is also about letting go and the lyrics of this song, although … Continue reading Cigarettes

First Concert Realizations

After 5 long months of waiting, The Fray's show in Manila finally came, which just put the first check mark in my bucket list. I know. Some people might say that it's a pretty lame entry in one's bucket list but I got the answer for that. Firstly, it's my bucket list. And secondly, the … Continue reading First Concert Realizations

The Fray Live in Manila

November 10, 2012, the long awaited concert of The Fray in Manila finally came. Yes I'm a fan. I've been listening to the band for a very long time now. I never thought that quite accidentally getting to watch the video of How to Save a Life just because there was nothing else to watch … Continue reading The Fray Live in Manila

make way for ed sheeran!

Okay, so I learned about Ed Sheeran just last November (that is November 2011). With very little spot for new foreign artists in the local radio stations' playlists, it's already expected that we're pretty late on news about budding talents outside the country. In fact, maybe I could even consider myself as one of the … Continue reading make way for ed sheeran!

ben howard covers carly rae jepsen’s call me maybe

to be honest with everybody, i never knew Ben Howard until a tumblr post about this cover of him of a carly rae jepsen song found its way to my dashboard this morning. and well it was a great one. to tell you about it, just last night i heard jepsen's version on my way … Continue reading ben howard covers carly rae jepsen’s call me maybe