I got two first names but I prefer being called Arvin. I’m more used to that. I am a software engineer on normal days, a painter and writer on weekends, and a musician in the shower. I also read quite a lot of books. This is a side blog I once dedicated to my love for music and planned to contain something about artists I admire, videos, and some records. But then I figured out that I would be more productive as a blogger if I talk about other things instead of just my musical preference.This blog now talks about quite a lot things.

I live with my parents. I’m technically the head of the family right now. We used to own 16 cats until my nephew was born and they had to be taken away. We now take care of a fat rabbit. No, he had to be taken away as well.

I don’t drink alcohol and smoke anything. I took some sort of vow of abstinence when I was eighteen. That’s fine, I don’t party anyway. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, my social life is just a little over 1; maybe 1.37 or something. I’m definitely not your “cool” guy. I’m the type who stays at home and do arts and crafts. I go out for a walk and light conversations over coffee though. I can draw stuff for you if you wish just like the ones below.

I also run a professional blog, where I talk about things that are a somewhat significant to my profession. -aB


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