Look Back

Back in sixth grade, my teacher had to talk to me regarding my class standing. I wasn’t submitting a monthly requirement that involved a collection of stories demonstrating values we discussed in our EKAWP1 class. It was already the third quarter and my grade was being affected. Being the lazy creative that I am and the lack of variety in the references immediately available to me that time, I decided to write my own stories. I’d write 3-4 stories in the afternoon on sheets of pad paper in cursive and put them in a pathetic beige folder. The stories were shallow and crude, but hey I had an overarching theme! Plus points for being creative right? I passed and retained my place on top of the class.

Lazy as I maybe, I surprise myself at times with how I churn out stories. Two of my longest stories were meant for film. Both were written overnight in longhand on sheets of yellow paper. I was in my late teens and overflowing with passion. I was also thin and sickly and had that stereotypical writer look. I cannot say that those were great works but if anything, my visions of my stories then were so clear it was normal for me to get emotional reading them. While I knew that technically, my writing was average if not poor, I was convinced that I was good at communicating emotions.

That phase was long over but I’m retracing my steps to that place. Maybe one of these days I’ll find myself again in that familiar spot in my secret universe. -aB

1 That’s short for “Edukasyon sa Kagandahang Asal at Wastong Pag-uugali” if you’re not familiar with the Philippine primary education curriculum in the late 90s. It replaced Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC).


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