Just… why?

They say that the first step in problem solving is defining the problem, recognizing it. Why then do we tend to cover up mishaps? Is it to win approval? Which one? Covering up mistakes will only make things more complicated in the long run. It’s cliche but it’s true. Given the interconnectedness of the things we do, the negative effect may even grow exponentially over time that by the time we realize it, we’re already neck-deep in issues we could have avoided if we’ve been a little more honest.

I have always believed that a lot of complications can be avoided if we’re honest. A screw-up is a screw-up. It doesn’t matter if we screw up internally or externally. That’s just being descriptive. The point is we screwed up and the situation is not gonna fix itself if we ignore it. The sooner we recognize the effect of our mistakes and act accordingly, the sooner we can get things back on track. It can be a punch in the gut to admit our faults but I think it is better to take the blows early in the match and switch our style than endure twelve rounds fighting in the same manner only to be knocked out in the end. We can only endure so many punches. We have to be smart. Why sacrifice a month to have a good day when you can let this day be bad and enjoy the rest of the month? Our craving for immediate gratification and approval can sometimes really go out of hand. We can be real foolish. Or maybe it’s our ego working in the background. We do need to take time and assess ourselves every once in a while.

And the thing is, we know all these and yet we keep making the same mistake. Just, why? -aB


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