The Wandering Plant’s Reading List

I have a growing collection of books. Actual, fragrant, flammable books. I read quite a lot; it’s not at all surprising. No big deal. It is. If you’ve been a poor student who couldn’t afford a cheap paperback in Booksale, it is. If ebook used to be your go-to format because you could acquire them free, it is. If you read Stephen King’s The Stand in its 2.6MB .txt format in a knock-off Nokia phone, it is. If you don’t know how long 2.6MB is, open Notepad or whatever text editor you have and try to type a 100KB-long .txt file. It will take more effort than you expect. Now, congratulate yourself for trying to figure out things the hard way. 2.6MB is roughly the combined length of the first four books of the Harry Potter series. Using my word processor as counter, that means that I read 473, 064 words in a 2-inch screen.

I have a penchant for buying books and notebooks. Yes, it can be the onset of bibliomania. My reading list used to be manageable until I start earning more money and losing more time for reading. Seriously, why does life have to be this way? Below are the books waiting for me to pick them up. If there’s anything common among them, that is I started reading them and then decided to drop the idea of finishing them along the way. This could be for various reasons but they all ended up in my stack of unread books. If I won’t be able to read them anytime soon at least they will be getting some attention here.


17839459Ang Panlimang Alas ay Nakabaon sa Iyong Dibdib

Alan Navarra

Angsty. Dark. Discomfort-inducing. This is something that my college student self would enjoy and draw inspiration from. I’m unfortunately over that phase. I would likely pick this up when I need inspiration to write something dark myself.


Mary Shelley

God knows how many times I tried reading this and fell asleep. This is a classic but I guess I should not read dragging stories set in cold, far off places when I’m in a perpetual state of lack of sleep.

1521340God Stealer

F. Sionil Jose

It’s a shame that years have passed since I received this as a gift and I’m still about 70% through. Not to mention that this was written by a national artist I personally revere. I would probably finish this one soon. It’s heartbreak when I see it.

10210Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte

A classic novel as a birthday gift. Great. It however reminds me of how I did not enjoy the last classic novel I tried to read (clue, it’s the second item in this list) and so I keep on postponing reading this.

33The Lord of the Rings

J. R. R. Tolkien

I started reading this in .txt format in the same phone where I read The Stand. I liked it. It’s great. With no strong interest in Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel comics, DC comics, popular TV series, and even the Harry Potter universe, this is the only thing that can possibly get me a membership in a popular fandom. That idea is not very appealing though. I watched all the movies but keep on stopping somewhere at book two.

9279177The Lover’s Dictionary

David Levithan

Another gift. My sister borrowed this once and probably read its entirety. Its unstructured-ness reminds me of a poetry book. I don’t read poetry books continuously like I read novels. I pick them up when I have nothing to do, casually leaf through the contents, and read a passage or two.

1335019Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales

H. P. Lovecraft

To my defence, this is a collection of short stories. The stories are great and guaranteed to give anyone chills. I would normally open this before sleep and read a story. Yes, so much for normal bedtime stories.

1431558Smaller and Smaller Circles

F. H. Batacan

I’m currently reading this one and would likely finish this before all other fiction books I have. I have been postponing buying and reading this until I saw the trailer of the movie adaptation and felt the urge to know everything before the movie hits the cinemas. I can be real petty at times.


9647613Bou Meng: A Survivor from Khmer Rouge Prison S-21

Huy Vannak

I got this from Bou Meng himself in the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum when I went to Cambodia. A good read. It helped me endure the painfully long waiting time at the Power Mac Centre when I had to have Marcus (my Macbook) checked. I took it out of my bag one time though and forgot about it.

22455742Geeks vs Jocks

Jessica Zafra

This is a collection of articles on sports from the self-proclaimed ruler of the universe Jessica Zafra. It’s witty and funny and I don’t want to finish it yet for fear of losing a good source of blogging inspiration too soon.

1002125Robert’s Rules of Writing: 101 Unconventional Lessons Every Writer Needs to Know

Robert Masello

This is an excellent book about writing. I was having a really great time until I realised that I won’t be writing fiction anytime soon and would likely forget everything I was reading before I get to start. I dropped reading this one on purpose but will hopefully catch up soon.

9781118931882.pdfVolunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights Changing the World

Robert J. Rosenthal and Greg Baldwin

This shouldn’t be surprising given that I read about economics, marketing, and graph theory just because. The idea of getting seen reading this book still seems funny though. I don’t look like someone who would read this that’s why. My default face spells stupid. But I read books like this. Unfortunately, I hate reading theory when I cannot immediately put it to practice. Hence this must wait. -aB

Written in response to a daily post prompt: Off the Shelf

Featured Images from: Wiley and GoodReads


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