Orexigenic and a Review of “Bliss”

My latest IT project ended last Friday. While it should be normal for me to observe projects start and end being in the industry for nearly seven years now, a part of me was in disbelief. At 3AM, I was till checking my email for issues and change requests. After all, the past few weeks were riddled with impromptu 12-hour shifts and it was normal for me to stay until the wee hours either responding to emails, resolving issues, or listing down tasks for the team. It’s for the same reason that I decided to skip morning exercises in favor of sleep and load myself with orexigenics. I was convinced that I lost weight.

Orexigenic, that sounds like something you would ingest to get yourself into a coma. Well that’s because at least with the brand I’m using, it does. While it’s supposed to induce appetite, the drowsiness is more unbearable than the hunger pangs. And with drowsiness and hunger comes grumpiness. I have to restrain myself from going ballistic at the slightest provocation at every stupid creature within 20-feet radius. The only time they are safe is when I’m in a considerably harmless pill-induced coma.

On Saturday I found myself doodling in some secluded coffee shop with the significant human. I was not in the mood for drawing but I brought half of my entire art supply stock so I had to produce something. I ended up drawing another model of the Good Boy robot but lowered its version number to 0.01. I used chamomint tea to spread the colors.

By the evening we decided to watch Bliss. I wanted to watch the Nth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series but there was no 3D theater nearby showing it and I’m resolved to only watch it in 3D if I have to pay. We took the last full show.

There was a lot of buzz in the past few days about this psycho-thriller by Jerrold Tarog. It was initially rated X by the MTRCB and an appeal was made by Jerrold and the producers before it was reclassified to R-18. I was too busy with work to catch even a glimpse of the trailer so interest was low. But non-mainstream films getting better attention and MTRCB ratings getting revalidated is a cause for celebration. While not everyone is highly intellectual, everybody deserves their movie choices elevated and MTRCB plays an important role in this.


Bliss is not a feel good movie. It may have a resolution but that offers little help with your emotions. It is disturbing. It is stressful to watch. This might make you hate the film but by then it already has succeeded in getting into your brain. Its brilliance lies there: getting the viewers affected. It pays homage to the novel and movie Misery and does not deny it.

There’s cursing and violence but nothing deserving of an X rating in these departments. It was probably the frontal nudity that raised eyebrows among members of the MTRCB. College students and adults have probably seen a lot of this to care but it is admittedly not normal in the movie choices of the masses raised in the Filipino brand of G to PG-rated romantic comedies. Still it will require a certain level of perversion to be aroused by such scenes. Didn’t I say it’s not a feel good movie?

Iza Calzado did well in her role as Jane. I didn’t see Iza. I only saw Jane. There is nothing to say about Shamaine Buencamino and Audie Gemora: they have been good actors since I can remember. TJ Trinidad was the one that surprised me. He is often casted as the pretty boy in TV and as other roles that require very little acting. It could have been a disservice to his career seeing that he can do better. He was a convincing douchey husband and I’m not kidding about that.

Try to catch the movie while it’s out there. It’s worth your money and time. -aB

Featured Image from Jerrold Tarog’s Facebook page.


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