Writing Gig

So I finally got a formal writing gig. Well, not really. But it’s a good start and it fits well in my schedule and current brain capacity. I joined a nonprofit back in 2015 and managed to stay as a member up to now. I initially did project management for the IT solutions department until I had to give it up because I just couldn’t dedicate the necessary amount of time to keep things on track. I guess when you need to travel five or more hours a day to get to work and back, taking project management on the side as volunteer work is not a very good idea. I managed to achieve a handful of nice results though but I still decided to leave the post.

I was transferred to the marketing team for either of the following reasons: 1) I write and no one is actively managing the blog, 2) I’m a little too participative during discussions on how to market the organization, 3) I read about growth hacker marketing and maybe I got ideas to share, or 4) I got nowhere to go and they simply want me there. The last one appears to be the answer but I’ll flatter myself with the first three. I’m authoring this after all.

Management is still on my plate, only I mind article releases and campaigns now and not software development phases. The responsibility is similarly big but the change of workflow is appreciable. I would have to stop management talk here cause very few would be interested in knowing more. Ha! That’s one thing about being a manager. Everybody wants the title but very few are interested in the job. But I am not an excellent manager to lecture about it. I actually think it’s just my self-diagnosed OCD bugging me to take control of projects and situations.

So what am I writing? Newsletters! Yes, one of those things you probably send straight to the bin of whatever email client you use unless you already marked the sender as spammer, or you got filters set because you are organized and smart and nobody sits with you during lunch time. I can write feature and news articles if I want to but the organization already has a team for that. Also, there’s a sense of fulfillment in writing concise and effective messages. If people ever read them that is. But I can employ and experiment on several marketing strategies. It is a good avenue for learning reader behavior if I would write for profit someday. But more importantly it will allow me to observe people more, like the freak that I am.

The platform I use for sending out my newsletters comes with a reporting tool. About 26% of the last 5000 emails got opened in the first five days. The 74% were likely deleted in fear of a new plague, or the recipients, like most of our favorite officemates, don’t check their emails. Perhaps I should go for snail mail in the future once they succeed in creating a tracking mechanism that can go with it. Of course everyone would appreciate an actual mail that does not ask for their money in the form of a billing statement or a letter of solicitation that they have to immediately send back with the specified amount else they will be burned for heresy. That is if they can point out the difference.

How was the response you might ask? A little over 10% clicked the link that came with the email. And I got a couple of inquiries that only prove that people indeed open emails and not read them. Pity. But I’m just starting with my experiments so there’s still a lot of enjoyable things to look forward too. Challenge accepted. Let’s see what we can do. -aB


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