Moment of Silence

A friend put it correctly; it was shocking. When I read the email this morning, I literally didn’t know what to feel. But the more I think about it, the more it becomes clear. I guess grief slowly creeps in to acquaintances. An acquaintance, yes. She barely knew me. We never even had a casual conversation that lasted even a couple of minutes. The only things we shared were Facebook likes and maybe short greetings. The latter because she celebrated her birthday next to mine just like my godmother who bade me her last goodbye two years ago. But it doesn’t matter. Once, I looked up to her for her skills and attitude. Twice, I wished her the best for her career and health. I somehow have the right to be sad. I have the right to be sad. She’s a person I find deserving of a lot of good things and I can only name very few of them. Bye Madam. Thanks for that invite. You’re the first one to leave my friends list this way though. And with my affliction of remembering sad memories a little too well, you will be remembered. -aB

This morning at 6, another person I know lost her battle with the big C. I think she deserves a space here. I don’t want to grieve. I would like to think that grieving is for the family and closest friends. But damn this is sad. Goodbyes are sad.


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