Processed with VSCOFebruary is travel season for me and the significant human. However, our busy schedules would not permit us to go far so we decided to just go to Subic Bay. Admittedly, the place was quite randomly chosen. We just needed a break and we had to be away from the more popular travel destinations because it was still Valentine’s week; the risk of either suffering from an epileptic seizure or going berserk is a little too high given a lot of cheesy things that were going on. I think everything went okay though. I was not feeling particularly adventurous anyway. Also, the Subic Freeport Zone was the setting of M.A. Schaffner‘s novel War Boys which I enjoyed reading back in college. I have the book in hardbound and consider it as somewhat a prized possession. Below are my travel notes.

  1. Drivers are generally kind if not well-disciplined. Nobody seems to be in a hurry. A lot of intersections do not have traffic lights; arguably there is no need for them. If you need to cross the street, they will stop without any fuss.
  2. The beach is not very attractive but clean enough for a dip.
  3. The Subic Freeport Zone is peaceful and orderly. It resembles Corregidor.
  4. While the zone is urbanized, there are no tall buildings to block your view of the sky which will surprisingly make you feel good for some rather unknown reason.
  5. There seems to be a lot of space for nearly everything from commercial establishments, to parking lots, to recreational centers. People who grew up in the place might find it difficult to breathe in overcrowded Manila.
  6. Accommodations are not that costly but the food certainly are.
  7. Although the US naval base ceased operations more than two decades ago, there are still a lot of Americans hanging around.
  8. Ocean Adventure is worth your time. They got good shows in there.
  9. The place is ideal for afternoon and evening strolls.

The Subic Freeport Zone is not the grandest of destinations and has an old town feel but is good for a staycation. If you’re looking into having a chill day, this place might just work for you. -aB

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