The interviewer, a beautiful female, sets aside our information sheet and gets her pen and notepad ready.

“So Mark, tell me about that time you felt that you have a special ability.”

We look at her in our usual poker face.

“About five years ago, we were leaving the office and we had to check if it was raining. It was dark outside, the office window was slightly tinted, and there was no nearby street light post to aid us… so we checked for ripples in the faintly illuminated puddle across the street twelve floors below. It was drizzling.”

“Hmm… and if you don’t mind, why do you use ‘we’ to refer to yourself?”

In an unnaturally deep voice we say: “We are legion.”

The interviewer excuses herself to go outside and make a call.

“The school gave you specific instructions to send us averagely gifted individuals. We are looking for superheroes not the super-possessed!”

“We can hear you,” we say as we stare blankly at the blank notepad on the  table. “You may be standing behind a door but in closed spaces you have to be at least ten meters away for us to not hear you.”

“Jesus Christ!”


I happen to have good eyesight and hearing. And yes, I did check for ripples in that puddle five years ago and verified that it was drizzling. -aB




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