Maybe this generation loves La La Land because it tells the story of our life. It tells how we struggle to reach our dreams while we take jobs–odd sometimes– simply because they pay the bills. It tells how we lose our vision and faith, for it seems like the only options we can afford to take, are the ones that we find practical but never really wanted. It tells how we go back to the dream when that big opportunity knocks and for a moment it seems easy to let go of everything else in our life. Lastly, it tells how after we succeed, we realize that we could have settled for the things and people we had before, if only life had been simpler. And eventually, the sweet turns to bittersweet and we cry and smile at the same time.

A lot of good stuff has been said about this movie that making this review is almost unnecessary. Catch it in theaters while it’s still there. Write-ups cannot give it justice. One must feel it. -aB

Featured image from movie’s official site.


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