Years ago I played this while the year was closing, the party was over, and everyone was cleaning up. I wasn’t sure why. Maybe because I get melancholic in the oddest of times. Maybe because the end of each year for me is also about letting go and the lyrics of this song, although it’s a love song, can be used to describe our relationship with the past, with the things we’d like to let go and at the same time remember.

It really just takes a second for certain memories to turn from bitter to sweet and then to bitter again. And the more we distance ourselves from these memories, the more we acknowledge their existence, the more we remember everything. This only proves that indifference is indeed more effective and painful than distance and hate. 

But we can’t hurt memories. And we can’t be indifferent with our own feelings. We can only learn and set them aside every once in a while. -aB


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