“Why has no one mentioned Mum’s twin?” she asked.
The doctor cleared his throat. “Honey, listen. Mum’s long gone. And she was gran’s only child.”


When her father was drunk, he’d say “I used to have a brother, you know”, and get a faraway look in his eyes. He would then be silent for the rest of the evening seemingly in deep thought.

She never met her uncle Thomas. Sweet little Tommy, her father used to call him. He was drafted right after college. He never came back.


With her faded dress and worn shoes, she knew she couldn’t go. Prom nights were long over. This was a different party. She was no longer the queen. If only she didn’t run away with the hot guy. If only she went to college and secured herself a better job.


It had never entered his head that his son was not his own blood.  But finding out the truth didn’t faze him. He loved the boy with the awful stutter. That was all that mattered.


Was it a knock that had woken her? She turned on the lamp, looked at the door, and waited for a sound. Nothing. She pulled the blanket to cover herself. She reached for the lamp’s switch.

All of sudden, there it was. It was not a knock on the door but figuring out what made the sound only made her froze in fear. It was the sound of tap dancing shoes on the ceiling.

These were written as part of a writing exercise. I used an online generator for this. -aB


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