After much dealing with distractions, hectic schedule, and sleeplessness, we finally got to finish watching the movie. Yes, we had to watch it in parts. Yes, it also has been around for ages but we were not paying attention. Thanks to our frequent world wide web adventures, we found out that it should be on top of our list of movies to which we can relate. We don’t speak French, don’t have a cozy room, and don’t live in a town with sepia effect but below are the 15 reasons why Amelie is practically us.

  1. She didn’t have playmates as a kid. She imagined a lot.
  2. She enjoys certain simple things like skipping stones which is rather odd for a woman her age. (We suck at skipping stones but we sure got odd hobbies.)
  3. She loves observing people.
  4. She can be ruthless when vengeful. (Happens extremely rarely though.)
  5. She dreams about doing good for humanity and being recognized for it as some low key hero.
  6. She knows someone from childhood who doesn’t recognize her. (Yes. We know. What are the odds that we’re alike even on this one?)
  7. She leaves hints about things she cannot say directly and no one gets them.
  8. She has a strong desire to defend the oppressed. The latter is likely indifferent.
  9. She can appear mysterious to some. She’s actually just shy.
  10. Fashion is comfort and glamour. It also comes in plains and subtle prints.
  11. She makes elaborate plans for meeting people only to end up in awkward situations.
  12. About 84% of her exciting adventures happen in her head. (Which is common among introverts.)
  13. She works behind the scenes. She’s responsible for more things than one will ever find out.
  14. She operates in silence and suffers in silence.
  15. Some potentially precious moments passes her by because it’s not [yet] the right time to take that leap.

It’s a nice movie but not one you should watch when in a hurry. Otherwise you’d find it bland and dragging. It is not also for people who cannot take movies lightly. The internet describes it perfectly. It’s a fanciful comedy. -aB

Featured image from Amelie’s Facebook Page. No copyright infringement intended.

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