Miriam is dead.

Just like that. On a cloudy morning on your way to work while watching some random movie you downloaded to your mobile phone you learn of the sad news. THE IRON LADY PASSED AWAY.

We thought we’d never live to hear this news. It’s of course ridiculous of us. We are several decades younger and is in a relatively healthier condition. But she was one of our heroes. And like any other normal human being in a corny Filipino superhero movie, we somehow expected her to be always around. For a very long time, a part of us was comforted by…

the thought that when things start to get shitty out there in the Senate (please pardon the language) she would set a good example of how to deal with things and bring everybody back to their senses. To shush the ill-behaved amateurs even for she never had time for their nonsense.

She fought countless battles and emerged victorious in most if not all of them. Today she died in her sleep. And the only person we know who devoted her life serving this country the best way she knew how and perhaps by far the best way one could have done it deserves to die in peace.

Farewell Miriam. Thanks for inspiring generations of Filipinos. -aB


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