We’ve always had a love-hate relationship with getting haircuts. Our idealistic self is always open to trying out new styles but our realistic self is just not.

If you would ask our mom how we were as a kid regarding getting our hair tidied, you would likely picture a boy with serious issues in life. It was not uncommon for us to get a beating before we agree to have the hairdresser touch our hair. Odd behavior? Not really. Not when you always end up a tad uglier than your normal self after each painfully long haircut session.

As a young boy, we used to have a neighbor who cut hair for a living. Nothing grand. He didn’t own a barbershop. If you need a haircut, he’d just give you a stool to sit on and start cutting your hair. No mirrors at all. For haircut reference, my mom would simply mention a name of some celebrity or point some boy in the neighborhood with arguably nice and newly trimmed hair. She’d pay him afterwards. The abomination is for you to discover when you get home or when your playmates and other family members start laughing at you. Even our mom would describe us as neat. Not handsome. Not cute. Neat. Yes, back in the days, a neat haircut was an insult. But we had to look neat for school. We never thought that teachers love themselves students with ugly haircuts.

Fast-forward to today, nothing much has changed. Despite the need to look more presentable at work, we still always find ourself reluctant about getting a haircut. This is because we got way too many things to consider if we’d like to maintain self-respect after we have our hair done. For one, we unfortunately got a flat back head which greatly

Yes, like this one only worse and way less cuter.

narrows our style choices. Another, our face appears a little too large for our head and it has nothing to do with our weight. We also don’t have sideburns. If it’s a measure of masculinity, we’d be more feminine than most of the women we know. Whenever the hairdresser asks us if we’d like our sideburns shortened we look at him mystified for seeing something that no other human being can see including us. We like his optimism though. To cap it all off our hair just seem to grow in the wrong places and directions. It’s easy to call it vanity. But we think it’s not. We’re not asking to be that guy that can rock just about any haircut. We always tell our friends had we been given a better shaped head, we’d buy a razor and do our hair on our own. Neat. Cost-effective. No deliberations. Who likes spending a long time every morning fixing their hair?

But we’re not that lucky. And for that we only got one pro tip to our fellow men. Get to know a handful of saints, praying would help when trying a new short haircut. -aB

Child’s image borrowed from MailOnline. No copyright infringement intended. Featured image from FreeImages.

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