Before we went into hiding, became reclusive, deactivated our Facebook last July, we bought a sketchbook to spend our spare time on. Now this is going to be about our sketches but allow us to say that spending a month away from Facebook can indeed be a cure for millenial depression. We are thinking of extending our inactivity to three months next time. You can stay logged in to your Messenger account anyway and even chat on the web using

Now back to what we really are posting about, our sketchbook is an A5 Monologue one which we find very good for its price. We even encouraged an officemate to buy one so we can have drawing challenges. And this we’ve been doing since July.

For a start we drew on the first page and give the only information we are comfortable of disclosing to the founder of the sketchbook if we ever lose it. Our works may not be that amazing but we put effort on every single one of it. If the sketchbook is lost and found, we’d even be willing to give a small reward. Perhaps a chat with us over coffee is good. Because while it may seem lousy, something like it is extremely rare. Also, exposure to our awkwardness would make anyone feel good about themself.

Our go-to medium is watercolor pencil. We like the precision because we often draw in small spaces as we find the big ones overwhelming. We also like that we can fill a fairly large spot with ease with a wet brush then color over it again for accents once it dries.

Back in college, we couldn’t afford to spend much on sketchbooks so we wanted them to contain only our best outputs. Because of that, we ended up doing studies on scratch paper. That is not the case in this new sketchbook. We plan to put whatever conceptualization process we have in it as we want it to reflect as much of what we are as an art hobbyist.

We even included tiny greetings…

and artworks inspired by current events and some other artist’s work.

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A few days ago we stumbled upon a short video featuring the artist Craig Frazier and he said that

“part of the challenge for, you know, any designer or illustrator is to trust your ideas.”

While we do not draw for a living, we couldn’t help but agree with that. If skilled artists doubt their idea’s capacity to send out a message, we often doubt our ideas to be possible with our skill level. Apart from that, we also tend to be impatient and go for concepts we can illustrate within a couple of hours. But sometimes we prove ourself wrong. There are good ones that came out of initial sketches we almost shredded to pieces.

We also quite rarely experiment with color as they are difficult to undo. We sure are glad to have successful attempts every once in a while.

It may take some time before we fill the entire sketchbook. But we plan to have fun. -aB


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