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It has been a year since I posted this Facebook status update and it has reappeared today via On This Day. I just thought I should have it immortalized by putting it in this blog because why not?

Unlike most boys who had their father as their childhood hero, I only had Mama to look after me. Papa had to work abroad. I never hated him for that; I just felt different from the others. Unlike Mama who I know have been around the whole time, my first memory of Papa is when I was about 6 or 7. We had to spend the night in an aunt’s house in Manila for they will be fetching Papa from the airport very early the following day. I woke up and saw him. I didn’t know what to feel. Someone even had to urge me to come to him. I did. He let me sit on his lap. It was awkward. I left him and went to Mama’s side as soon as I had the chance.

I was already in my teens when Papa had the chance to stay home with us. I believe we both knew then that it was already a little too late to build that father-son connection. Shame. I am his only son. He always believed in me though. He always thought I was the smartest kid around. And up to now, he never fails to show how much he cares even just through the little things. -aB


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