An indie film in an easily accessible movie theater. Great! We’re still not okay with the fact that indie films need international recognition first to get a slot in the many movie theaters of the country but that’s another story. We were interested in Ma’ Rosa and we didn’t have to cry over not getting limited tickets to its screening. We’re okay with that for now. If there was anything not cool the day we hit the theater, it was us coming from a wake and interment and we had to stay on our toes despite having very little sleep.

Now onto our notes.

  1. The plot is not at all surprising. It can happen and may have already happened. What’s surprising is that it took several years before a movie that depicts this side of society got a chance to be shown again to a wide audience. Decades ago, even a typical action film can accurately describe what it’s like to live in poverty by just having the right setting. At present we watch mistresses strut their stuff in posh condo units. If an actor plays a poor man, he wears a tank top. Nevermind that maybe a below-minimum wage earner cannot maintain a porcelain white skin.
  2. No acting is acting. True. Only because we have started to equate acting to slapping each other in the face and crying a little too much over a certain loss. Have you seen anybody always in their extremes in real life? Right. They are in mental health centers. People don’t always get to vent out their frustrations. Confrontations are quite rare in real life if you think about it. Most of us suffer and/or bear grudge in silence. Rosa did.
  3. It’s documentary-ish. It’s classier than the poverty porn one might expect it to be. The movie is not all about Rosa and her family’s struggles. You can even say that they are merely there to give us a reason to explore the slums and find out what things are like there. The viewers are not supposed to feel comfortable. Comfort is a luxury in Rosa’s place after all. Despite all that it doesn’t call for sympathy. Things are just ugly and that’s the truth.
  4. We personally do not want this film’s plot to be called a total eye-opener ever. For that means that a lot of us already lost touch with reality. And we for one are the type who lingers in sidewalks and obscure alleyways to get a feel of the raw and less glamorous life of people.

Overall it’s a good movie. We urge you to watch it while it’s still out there. Let us all bring back Pinoy quality films in local theaters. -aB

Featured image by: ~PeejayCatacutan (no copyright infringement intended)


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