Dear Mom,

I will always be your little boy. I’m sorry I couldn’t buy you the house I promised when I was a kid. I’m sorry for being stubborn and wasting the years of my life on worthless shit. Dad was right. You should’ve allowed him to straighten me up.

Thanks for not giving up on me. I wish I did the same to you. But I couldn’t bear seeing you surrounded by those apparatuses any longer. I lied. I told you I’d be just fine when you’re gone. I am not. I will never be. Forgive me.

Dear Stacie,

I would always be grateful for having you in my life, for putting up with all the shit I brought in our lives. I just wanna say that I’m not mad you left. That was the best thing you could do. I apologize for all the pain it caused you. I’m as broken as that old guitar in the attic; I’m never gonna play things right.

I’ve always known that Tyler is mine. You don’t have to feel guilty about hiding him from me. It will only make things harder if you didn’t. I love you both. I guess it would be hard to tell him that. Please try.

Dear Donut,

Remember when we were young and I would always beat you to the bottom of the stairs when mom called us for snack? That was the best years of my life. Things were much simpler. We were inseparable.

Don’t ask yourself what happened. I fucked up.

I love you little brother. Pardon me. I’ll beat you in a race one last time.

Dear Tyler,

Written in response to weekly challenge: Apology

Featured image from: ~tfavretto

No copyright infringement intended.


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