Annual issuance of health certificate. Chest x-ray and drug test required.

I’m always too lazy for these things. I’m healthy. The last couple of times I thought I was dealing with something and went to the doctor, they subjected me to numerous lab tests only to get results inconclusive of any medical issue. As a precaution, they simply advised me to watch my diet. I did. Still paranoia kept me going to the hospital more often than necessary and the doctor would always say that I’m okay. I had to stop myself before they write “hypochondriac” in their diagnosis.

Suspicious densities in the right apex. Apicolordotic view advised.

Other than the hassle of dropping by the clinic in the middle of the day in the scorching heat of summer, I was okay with it. Surely it was just a mistake. I stay indoors about 90% of the time away from pollution and harmful chemicals.  I never really learned how to smoke anything. I rarely get sick. I can’t have any lung issues.

Confirmed. Fibrosis. Scarred tissues in the lungs.

Why is this even happening? -aB


Written in response to daily prompt: Scars


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