This morning an officemate shared to us this post from Mr. Joshua Daryl Masa Castillo clearly endorsing Miriam Defensor Santiago for president. We have long had our eyes on this woman. But with all these Duterte-ing among our friends, we haven’t been very vocal about it though. This morning is different and we are sharing our reaction to the rest of the world.

Some parts of this article makes us cringe. But yeah, it’s Miriam for me. If I somehow disappointed you, well then sorry. You know me. I make unpopular decisions a little too often.

There is a smarter, classier way of dealing with this nation’s problems. I’ve always been methodical in serious issues. I’m not one to grab the hammer right away.

But shall everything start with Miriam? No. Will she be able to accomplish everything she’s promising? I doubt. As long as she paves the way for these changes, I’m okay. We can no longer go back to the cave and start again. At this point I believe we don’t need a leader to start something for us. WE must start something for ourselves. In fact it can be argued that the selection of the right leader right now is just an aftermath of having voters who actually think and are willing to participate in building the nation. And I’m not saying that we should then vote for Miriam. I can be wrong. What I’m saying is let us also try to evaluate things with personal agendas and circumstances set aside before we lock in our vote on one candidate.

Tama na’ng pagiging tamad. We’re the heroes of this country; we don’t need to be saved. (Yeah, like the song.) What we must do is get up on our feet and train. If only participating actively in nation building is as popular as getting a gym membership, we could’ve significantly progressed in the past decades. Right now, our greatest accomplishment is being the best in complaining and finding someone who can somehow patch things for us. Patch. When the patch breaks, and they always do, we go back to complaining. Nakakapagod.

Best of luck to us folks. God bless the majority.


My original message when I clicked Share on this post was just “Miriam.” No kidding. I thought that was already concise.


We grabbed the featured image from her website. We are ready and we hope we can pay the fine for that. -aB


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