To our very Important Fellowmen with equally very important Opinions

Filipinos can be overly opinionated. Yes,overly. I’m Filipino. I’m guilty. We tend to have this fear of being left out in the verbal diarrhea contest not realizing that not every battle is our battle. Let me say this in our language. Saan man tayo panig, kung hindi tayo direktang apektado, kung ang bawat partido ay may kakayahang mangusap para sa kani-kanilang sarili, at kung ang ating opinyon ay walang maisusulong na anuman o idudulot na mabuti para sa mga taong may direktang kaugnayan sa paksa, maaari nating piliin ang katahimikan. (Whichever side we take, if we’re not directly affected, if both parties are capable of speaking for themselves, and if our opinions cannot push for anything good or do something  beneficial to people directly involved in the subject, we may practice silence.)

The media especially in the Philippines can sometimes mislead us into thinking that something is of national importance when in fact, although it may have started that way, it is already about personal issues of known personalities. Yes, these personalities may represent us, but the problem is we always end up in discussions that achieve nothing except for longer airtime for celebrities and higher ratings for TV networks. I’m not saying that we boycott TV networks or anything but imagine people making money out of our inability to shut up. That can be quite insulting.

Silence is a virtue. Sometimes we need just that. -aB


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