It was mentioned many many times in our academic life from PTA meetings to report cards. We are soft-spoken. That’s pretty interesting considering that we were also recognised as one of the most talkative students in grade school. We are now resolved to believe that opening your mouth about two hundred times per minute counts as being talkative regardless of whether they can hear you or not. Well, that’s school life. We all know it’s crazy.

But of course it didn’t end there. You can’t really count on puberty to naturally louden your voice. So if you met us before, you were probably one of the thousands of people who requested us to repeat everything we said. Admittedly, that can be pretty annoying. But don’t worry. We understand. We are not taking it against you. We have lived for more than a quarter of a decade. We are so done complaining.

Still, we are not going to hide the laughable inconveniences of this affliction. Since our brain has a tendency to  equate clarity with backing up claims with long explanations, we are practically doomed to provide lengthy explanations on a single topic more than once. In fast-food restaurants, we almost always have to say our order twice. Baristas never get our name right the first time. In  public transport, we have to say “bayad po 1 a dozen times just for our fare. By the time anybody hears us, we are already on the verge of losing it and going Bruce Lee on the next person who will hand us their fare. Lastly (just to keep it short), for someone who stands 171cm which is already considered average to tall for Filipino males, our soft-spokenness can be just odd.

The perks you might ask? We can spit out expletives with a little more grace and not appear too rude. (:


[1] “Bayad po.” – A phrase mentioned when handing over one’s fare when riding a jeepney in the Philippines.


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