It’s not your bet. It’s you.

The Philippine elections is getting near and naturally there is so much noise in social media about each presidential candidate. A slightly off comment can trigger long debates and call for the participation of thousands of the social-media-addicted Filipinos. Normally I would say this is okay. The people are getting educated. At least for a few months, we got something arguably more important to pay attention to instead of our favorite local and foreign TV series and variety shows. For every elections-related article that you read now, the comments can be pretty overwhelming. And if you keep your mind open, choosing a candidate can indeed be a challenge.

But what bothers me most amidst all these is not who’s going to win. While their views and methods may differ, I can believe that each candidate (well maybe except the shady one) has good plans for the country. It’s the attitude of the masses that gets me worried.

Once again, the Filipinos are looking for a hero. They are looking for someone who can turn things around and make things appreciable for them. To me this is just scary. In my opinion (God it has been a very long time since I last used that phrase) this is the reason why this country finds it difficult to move forward. We tend to look for someone who can do things for us. When they fail we complain. We march on the streets carrying our placards demanding that they leave the palace. This is beginning to look like an endless cycle. We never once looked at ourselves to see what we can do to make our nation better. We are selfish. We work for ourselves and we complain for ourselves. We need an iron fist to impose order because we are too selfish to do even small sacrifices for our respective communities. “Ano ka bayani? (What are you? A hero?)” We often hear that. That just perfectly describes how much we try to avoid being an object of change.

Let’s say we get to elect an excellent president this time, what’s going to happen after his/her term? A reelection? What happens after that? As long as we act as damsels in distress nothing much shall change. It’s not our bet alone that should be responsible for our nation, it’s us. -aB


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