The Three Types of Presidentiables in the PH 2016 Elections

Yes, we only see three types of presidentiables in the coming elections. Sadly, “leader” is not in our list. Don’t worry this is just an opinion. You are perfectly free to think differently. In fact, you may take your thoughts somewhere else. Here they are.

1. The Bosses

They can and will kick your ass. They have long gone tired of diplomacy, the ignorance of Filipinos, and exploitations done by their colleagues. Break the law, break your neck. That easy.

Our message: Once seated at the most powerful position in the country, changing from a boss to a different kind of beast is just a matter of intention. Please don’t betray us.

2. The Ones Who Want to make their Parents Proud

There is no way you don’t know them and their parents or family. You often see them on TV getting the sympathy of the sentimental masses. Some has potential; that we don’t deny. They can get tiresome though.

Our message: It is not unlikely that your family is already proud of you. Try the Filipino people. You will serve them, not the memory of some great person. When we said “make your mama proud” we meant the motherland.

3. The Internet Explorer

Pardon the techie reference; we’re a software engineer. They are not web surfers. They are the ones who just won’t cease to exist like the [in]famous browser. We are not sure what they are still there for but we don’t care.

Our message: We envy your optimism. See you next elections. -aB


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