The Young Executioner

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

He was born to a family of slaves and grew up shoveling coal in one of the castle’s dungeons. At the age of sixteen he was selected to join the king in the hunts. During his stay out of the dungeon he stole food for his family and the other slaves. He was caught and sentenced to be beheaded.

On the day he was supposed to be executed, he won his freedom by killing the executioner and two commanding officers of the royal army. The king took an interest in him and made him a replacement of the man he just killed thus giving him the title young executioner. But he didn’t spend much time in the king’s court or the town square. He joined the war until he won himself his own land and become lord.

This is 2nd in the series of studies we are creating that started with the modern dryad. Unlike the first one, this was drawn on watercolor pad. You probably noticed the paper grain. -aB


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