The Modern Dryad

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

The twenty one year old master Bysshe got lost in the woods during a hunting trip. The family thought they lost him forever. Sixteen months later he came home with a child in his arms. It was no ordinary child.  He never spoke about how and where he got it but he said that the boy was his son. They named him Brinnley.

Brinnley attended normal school until he reached thirteen and the signs of his being nonhuman became more apparent. He had to be home schooled. He picked up his fascination for literature from his father. At eighteen, despite the man’s protests, Brinnley attended the local university and took Comparative Literature. He graduated on top of his class despite being unpopular among his peers.

He currently teaches literature in the university. He takes the train daily; he wants to be with people. He often sits at the corner of the train alone though. Every once in a while on summer evenings, the wood spirits visit him. He enjoys their company but he never considered joining them in the forest. He’s happy living with his father and looking after his library.


The image above is a part of a series of studies we are creating at the moment while we are attempting to enhance our drawing skills using Keith Thompson‘s instructions. We can’t be Keith Thompson. He’s up there among the greatest illustrators that ever existed in this planet. But we can still upgrade our skills for our own satisfaction. We are also in constant need for motivation. If you wish, we’d gladly draw something for you for free. -aB


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