Last April, our weekend badminton group, looking for better ways to enjoy the weekend other than get sweaty and gain a few more pounds eating like crazy after the games, decided to go on a road trip. We mean that one that doesn’t involve drugs and alcohol. We’re pretty nuts but we’re painfully wholesome. We decided to go to Majayjay Laguna.

April 25. We found ourself standing at the porch of our significant human’s house carrying our unusually light pack. Her parents agreed that we use their van for the trip. With only five of us going on the day trip that meant more than enough leg room. Once Raymond, our proxy best friend and then driver, came and the dog settled we got into the van and started moving. We picked up two more friends at San Pedro, took the nearest entrance to the expressway, and headed to our destination.

Notes. Lately, we’re finding it easier to share thoughts this way.

  1. It’s not a very long ride. We travel by bus for more than two and a half hours daily to get to the office. That should give you an idea of what’s a long ride for us.
  2. Unless you got an aversion towards modern technology, you can get to the place without asking anybody for directions using Google Maps or Waze. We say it’s not difficult to locate. But we also rarely get lost. The last time was 2009 and we were extra dumb then.
  3. We passed by a couple of traffic congested areas but they were tolerable. Being exposed to Manila traffic on a daily basis, the travel was pretty relaxing especially when we got to the laid back pretty rural areas of Laguna.
  4. The area of the waterfall is quite commercialized but well maintained. There’s parking space, food stalls, souvenir shops, comfort and shower rooms, and an inn for an unplanned overnight stay. The environmental fee seems to really work; we saw a number of people cleaning up after unruly humans.
  5. It’s cheap and we believe that it’s enough explanation for the crowd. You have to be good at finding a good spot if you plan on having a picnic. As for us, we only went for a quick dip in the water. We had lunch somewhere else.
  6. You’d pass by Liliw along the way. It’s the home of cheap good quality footwear. Buy as much as you can.

Until our next trip folks. -aB



3 thoughts on “Majayjay Weekend Trip

    1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I just checked out your blog and I should say you got a better start than I did. Keep writing. An about page might also help. Mine’s quite a wack but it does the job. (:

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