Last day we thought we suffered a cardiac arrest. Heartburn? Maybe not. We suffer acid reflux from time to time, we probably know what heartburn feels. Last day was different. Alarmingly different. For that we decided to see a doctor. But this is not about our probable heart condition or whatever it is that can be wrong with our poor lanky body but something we witnessed in the hospital.

We were waiting with our one-person support group a.k.a. mom in the waiting area hallway of the hospital when we heard a phone ring. It belonged to a lady seated at the other side of the hallway. The caller was a stranger; it was easy to tell. She put the phone in loud speaker mode for she was having trouble hearing the voice on the other end. Hilarity ensued.

The stranger turned out to be a boy audibly in puberty who wants to court the lady’s daughter. The lady was surprised. Her daughter is only fourteen years old, the boy’s voice resembled that of her daughter’s girl friends, and to top it all, the boy didn’t even know her daughter’s name. The boy gave his name and asked for the daughter’s number. The lady did not give it. She invited him to their house though so she could have a look at him and hopefully strike a less awkward conversation. She said she’d skip work.


One. OUR MOM said the lady should have ended the call immediately. It was nonsense. WE SAID it was painfully awkward but the lady probably decided to give the boy credits for asking her permission. We’re Filipinos. That thing used to be customary.

Two. Or maybe the lady is just like that, cool.

Three. The boy is either young and stupid or has balls of steel.

Four. These are today’s teenagers? When we were fourteen we were still playing with our toy soldiers!

Five. Stay young folks. A simple life is a happy life. -aB


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