In Retrospect: My First Year in a Tech Startup

So yeah, it has been a year since I left the corporate world and became a part of a tech startup. This serves as my review of the year that has just passed.

No, I’m not one of those startup founders trying to convince the world and myself that I made an excellent decision. Maybe not yet. I am one of those consultants working for one.

Last November 25, 2014 I celebrated my first year in the startup I joined after I thought that maybe the corporate world is not for me. Up to now, I can still recall the mixed feelings I had and the reactions I got from people who were around me at that time. Why a startup? Why not some big company out there that offers good pay and a lot of benefits for relatively less responsibilities? Aren’t you being a little too hard on yourself? I heard you’ll be working your ass off in every project, why would you want to do that when in bigger teams, all you need to do is implement a feature or…

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