Dumbelle stepped out of the car and greeted her dad with her sweet smile wearing her runner up sash from the high school pageant.

“That’s my baby girl! Look at you now,” exclaimed him.

She was named Dumbelle by her dad who used to be a fitness instructor. The man could lift her like the gym equipment when she was little. Her mom left for the big city and never returned.

Dumbelle gave her dad a hug on the neck and kissed his cheek.

“Tomorrow we’ll buy you a new swimsuit for next year. You could win your sixth bronze from the annual high school pageant then,” said him.

Only the pageant awarded no bronze. Just a sash and a little satisfaction for the humble man. -aB

Featured Image by Me

Last night we were talking about a girl  I named Dumbelle which was supposed to be a sick joke. Like what the name suggests she’s dumb but beautiful and she always snatches a place in the high school pageant but never the first. She never knew her mom but her dad loves her. The drawing shows her as the street performer she turned into after the latter died.

I used twelve color pencils for this quick drawing and skipped using the wet brush and pen. I was going for softer edges and coarse surface.


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