It’s Easier to Talk to Strangers

“It’s easier to talk to strangers,” we said a while ago during our usual after hours conversation in the office. We didn’t really offer any explanation. We didn’t know how to explain it anyway. We simply stated an observation.

We’ve always known ourself as someone rather shy by nature. We don’t believe it is part of being an introvert; we’re just like that. But for some reason we’ve always been comfortable telling our stories and sharing our thoughts to people we don’t really know. This very blog post is a proof to that. But we never really gave it a good thought. That, despite the fact that it will offer an answer to the question, “Why do we write?”

We could say that we write for self expression and that might already be a satisfying answer. But why do we blog? Why put our thoughts on the web for everyone to read? Surely we are not sharing information that the world needs to know. Telling the world that we have self-diagnosed OCD or that we hate noisy little kids won’t change it a bit. But why do we still do it? We pondered on this inside the bus on our way home and managed to get some answers.

Perhaps what encourages us to openly express ourself is that idea that when a stranger asks you a question, they actually care for what you have to say. From where we grew up, we don’t get that a lot. In fact that absence of meaningful communication made us an intuitive freak. We know if a person is having a bad day the moment they enter the room. In a household where serious conversations are very unlikely, we learned to know from everyone in a very different way. But of course that could not substitute for a chance to vocally express oneself and so we leave our thoughts online for people who bother knowing them and somehow give us satisfaction that even our uneventful  maybe shitty days matter. -aB


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