Dumb Review: Miracle in Cell No. 7


We do not like it. One might be able to write a long article of how cold hearted we are now but no we are not taking it back. We are not deriding it for the story after all. We’ve seen, read, and heard things that came from a similar material before and they somehow worked. So the story, while rather overused, is not our problem. If it is, we can just say that the movie is okay but forgettable. But there’s something else.


Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a story of a mentally challenged father falsely accused of a crime and was sentenced to death. It’s meant to be a tearjerker. It’s like a cross between The Green Mile and I am Sam; two critically acclaimed movies in their own right. From that alone one can already see the challenge that the movie faces. Overkill.


It tries to turn things around with a little comedy though that we appreciate but we still find it lacking. After all, one does not fix an overly tasty soup by adding another spice. You either add more water on it or create another one with less ingredients.


We find rather dull moments necessary for a movie to achieve balance. To add more water on the soup is to add more scenes that display relatively less emotion to give the viewers a sense of normalcy. Some days are just uneventful and we like it that way, that’s life. In the movie, life seems to be always on the extreme that you’ll get tired of it.


But to add more scenes is to make the movie longer you would say and that would pose another problem. And while it’s true, it is actually quite funny ’cause we won’t have to get there hadn’t the movie been too long for its kind.


Miracle is meant to touch the viewers’ hearts; one doesn’t have to sit long in front of it to realize that. We don’t find it very different from the usual Upworthy videos and tearjerker Asian shorts we see in Facebook. We are meant to cry in the end, we get it. But the moment is delayed a bit too much by scenes that add very little depth to the story that by the time we get there, we already lost it.


The story doesn’t offer a lot. Halfway through the film, viewers are likely to just wait for the big moment. Unfortunately, for us it is a disappointment as we find it cheesy. Also, we are not comfortable seeing lawyers break down in court and acquitting anybody of charges [if the subtitles were indeed right]. It made us facepalm.


We get a picture that somebody had a great idea for a story and it would have been grand hadn’t he been too eager to film it. See it for yourself. This is a dumb review. -aB


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