We watched Godzilla. (How else could we write a review if we didn’t?) We didn’t really plan it; we just needed some time off as we’ve been working seven days a week quite by choice. We were indifferent regarding seeing the movie. We don’t really prefer one genre over another. We watch just any movie and evaluate later if it was worth our time.

We remember a movie with the same title back in 1998. We were but little children then; we didn’t really care. But we could recall how our young minds received the movie though. Destruction. Lots of it. In the big city. Quite a lot of 90s movies and even TV shows got huge monsters in them and I guess for that we didn’t find the movie very different. We didn’t expect much in this remake but we’re glad that we’re somehow wrong for doing so.

Godzilla 2014 tried a relatively less sciency backstory for the monsters’ existence which we thought worked. We cannot argue if it was because of the current generation’s seeming aversion to science classes but for us, yes we still find radioactive substances and science laboratories cool but we already had enough of them more than a decade ago. We wanted something a bit different and the movie gave us that. We also particularly liked how it sort of wanted the viewers to feel the panic that the city dwellers were feeling. They knew that if they show Godzilla in the early parts of the movie there wouldn’t be anything else for the audience to wait for. But instead of capitalizing on the audience’s excitement with numerous close encounters with the alpha predator, they chose to take the audience’s mind off of Godzilla by making them worry for the people’s lives as if they were living in the same city. We find that move risky and we cannot deny that at some point the story was a bit dragging but it surely added a remarkable difference if not quality.

We didn’t expect someone as young as Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play a father role though. We’re a few months older than him and we don’t see ourselves close to being a model father in any way. We are Filipinos and it can be a cultural thing but he looked a bit odd for us. Also, we expected Bryan Cranston‘s character to make it till the end. We were wrong. While watching, we clearly forgot how the younger generation dictates the trend nowadays and most of its members prefer longer screen times for the younger and arguably more attractive actors. But to be fair, we believe that given Godzilla 1998, few people from our generation thought that Godzilla 2014 could get a bit serious and be not just about destroying skyscrapers and bridges anyway so being in between makes sense.

The movie gave us what we did not expect and it was a good thing. It was not a waste of time and money. Also, Japanese lanterns (we actually thought they were Chinese) are very durable. Watch it. This is a dumb review. -aB

Featured Image by: ~Sonichedgehog2


2 thoughts on “Dumb Review: Godzilla

  1. A few inconsistencies, but I’m not sure that really took away from it all since the whole movie was just about as tense as you could get with a disaster flick. Good review.

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