We don’t particularly hate noisy little kids; we hate every noisy human being. Being exposed to people is bad enough. Being exposed to their unacceptably loud noise is worse. Or maybe we’re just unnaturally grumpy at times.

So we were with our mom having merienda and this little female human started crying and screaming on the top of her lungs. We were obviously annoyed and our mom noticed us.

“You were not like that when you were small,” mom said. We stared blankly at her but numerous thoughts were running in our heads.

One, of course we’re not like that! How can we show our disgust if we were equally disgusting?

Two, mom’s words just verified our right to be disgusted.

Three, we probably just emitted an ultra-high frequency sound like dying plants crying for help.

Oh, we’re plants! What were we thinking? -aB

Featured Image by: ~giomix


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