I’m no magnet of anything. Stories of my mostly uneventful days can bore acquaintances to death. But I’ve been getting some rather unwelcome attention in the past couple of weeks.

For instance, a girl in a skimpy outfit sat close to me in the  bus. Really, really close. There was only her and me in the row and we were in a three-seater.

A week before that, I was standing in a bus when a guy asked for the time. One hand on the hand rail and the other holding my jacket and takeout from McDonalds, I still attempted to check my watch and replied. I occupied a seat near the door when a passenger left. He sat next to me when he had the chance and tried to hit on me for the next 30 minutes or so.

I’m no homophobe as far as I can say. I got an aunt who’s lesbian and an uncle who’s gay. I have friends who are gay and gay officemates never bothered me. I also respect people’s preferences as I find my own preferences a tad different from the others most of the time. But unwanted attention is unwanted attention and even creeps get creeped out themselves. That’s my commuter’s life for you. -aB

Featured Image by ~Pedantic-romantic.


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