“Where are you going anyway?” mom asked a bit annoyed when I made her go out of the bathroom for a while. I had to pee before leaving the house. It is some sort of ritual that I can blame on my OCD.

“Walking”, I replied.

I’ve been a walker for as long as I can remember. I’ve walked long distances between home and school way before running events got to be popular in the Philippines and started defining people’s social statuses much like coffee. It was not for any health reasons. I just love to walk. That’s the very reason why I consider it a shame that I no longer get to do some walking lately. I remember countless instances when Kuya Ben (old brother Ben), a neighbor my mom paid to fetch me with his tricycle from school daily, would find me just a few blocks away from our house and be astonished  at the distance I’ve walked. Maybe they got a bit worried about it but to me it was really nothing. He still got to take me home every now and then anyway. I would just walk when I feel like it.

Walking allows me to have a closer look at things, beings, that make up my world and ponder on them. I get to know people not by names but by what they do and feel which I think is a lot more intimate than one can get with small talks. This is not being dramatic about the whole walking thing but rather something that comes naturally whenever one decides to let their ride home pass and walk the distance. Also, I can think about many other things along the way which makes the whole event even more productive. My blog posts, mini art projects, screenplays, short stories, and computer programs are just some of them.

Today, after a very long time, I got to take a walk again. It was unplanned. I thought of bringing my nephew with me but he was asleep and no one else found the idea to be inviting. It was a lovely cold afternoon if one would ask me though. It was perfect for strolling and getting a breath of fresh air. The north eastern monsoon was late once again bringing everybody chills in the middle of January in a very good way. So I decided to set aside all my pending web development work, grabbed my phone, headset, and jacket, and left.

Accompanied by Bon Iver, Noah Gundersen, and Vetiver in my music player, I strolled the rather desolate streets at the far side of our subdivision. It is the same place where my mom jogs in the morning. All was strangely perfect. The place is not at all scenic but the peace and quiet was welcoming. I also took some snapshots along the way.  Sometimes it’s easier to say that you took awful pictures of your surroundings than tell about a feeling you cannot clearly explain to your own  self.


Let’s walk. Sometimes that’s just what we need. -aB


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