Spoiler alert! Does this ever work?

I and my girlfriend decided to catch the last full show of Insidious Chapter 2 at an SM. That was supposed to save us from people who talk like they’re inside a club while watching a movie. I was wrong. The plan didn’t work. Also, that was supposed to induce the creeps in me. Wrong again. Being exposed to MGB’s Halloween episodes at a very young age disabled me from getting crept out easily. I can still recall how scared I was of Jerry Jacobe. I can still picture the corpse in my head up to now. But Nginiig did an episode out of that story which was overly exaggerated, underscore overly, it made every believer of the story look stupid.

A little more before we get to the arguably sensible review, I’m not really good at doing movie reviews. I’m not a very critical watcher of movies when I try to be one; maybe just not as critical as how I listen to music. All that matters to me when I sit in front of the big screen is the story or plain entertainment if the story’s a bit too shallow to pay attention to. In fact, back in school, I used to write very forgettable reviews peppered with clichés which to the instructor read, “I watched the film alright? I could tell you the whole story if you asked for a summary but you didn’t. You chose to ask for a review. I tried to produce something long enough though so please just give me a passing grade.” But extremely bad acting and unintentionally funny moments are exceptions. They make me laugh when I’m alone.

Now to the review, Insidious chapter 2’s connection to the first chapter is pretty solid. I should know. I watched the first chapter for the first time just two hours before we hit the cinema. That means that those people who plan to watch the movie anytime soon should really watch the first part else the second part won’t make a lot of sense. However, chapter 2 seems lackluster compared to the previous chapter. It fails to keep the eerie atmosphere that was the number one thing I appreciated about the first part. Parker Crane’s introduction to the story seems a bit lame. He met Joshua once in the hospital and he knew that the boy was an astral projector and he devised a plan to take his body? That is too much forward thinking there if you’ll ask me. Also the psychotic killer character (characters?) don’t seem to work this time. The paranormal is generally enough to keep one’s brain busy already, let’s schedule the psychological some other day. Or maybe it’s just a matter of introducing different angles the right way.

Elise’s sidekicks are there for comedic purposes we understand. We’ve seen that potential in the first chapter. Yes potential. In the first chapter we were like, they could be a funny duo only they are not. In the second they are trying to be funny, but already having the paranormal and psychological to deal with, they seem pretty out of place.

Surprises with sudden loud sound effects work. But too much repetition makes them annoying. Also Mrs. Crane is a wretched soul, am I right? She’s not really a demonic entity. So why Latin? Maybe we missed that part of the story where it was said that she was into studying various languages when she was still alive. It reminded me of a pirated copy of Dawn of the Dead I once watched with my friends where halfway in the movie, everybody started to speak in Spanish. Having watched the movie numerous times before, it was dumb of me to still take a minute before realizing that it was dubbed in another language.

I will no longer argue if the movie is scary or not. I’ve always been a bit different when it comes to horror films anyway. There were parts that made my brows furrow but it’s appreciable. If we seek entertainment let’s just sit back and be not too critical about things. Watch it once and watch it again. This is a dumb review. -aB

Featured Image by: ~sawfan


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