Yes ipis is Filipino for cockroach a.k.a the most dreaded insect in the entire planet which may be capable of world domination since they can effortlessly thwart even nuclear attacks by just flying around the control room. I’m yet to find out if the whole asteroid story was just made up and that the real story behind the disappearance of the dinosaurs is a cockroach outbreak.

So another uneventful day in the office ended, and after a heavy traffic I was at last entering our subdivision when a flying ipis from God knows where landed on my forearm. Again. In public. The surprising thing was, I just flicked it away like it was nothing.

Realization. With quite extraordinarily large hands I could flick the insect away to the Himalayas in no time. But at home I have conceded that even my occasionally accurate tsinelas (that is slippers in Filipino) hurling skill can do very little with the insect’s ability to change direction mid-flight. Because of that, I mostly just grab my towel, cover my head, curl into a fetal position, and whisper “Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit..” until the creature goes away. Our fear of bringing shame upon ourselves in public brings out our superpowers. -aB

Featured Image by: ~renatofraccari


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