Yeah, this is not really about sports.

There are a lot of things I could talk incessantly about. Thanks to self-diagnosed manic depressiveness, my brain just won’t stop talking. I’m no geek really but I can always come up with something relevant to share in almost every topic one can think of in casual conversations. (No, you don’t talk about artificial intelligence and differential equations in casual conversations, do you?) But there’s one topic I never got to be good at, sports.

Apparently, I’m not really a sports person. Start talking about basketball, tennis, football, or any other popular sport and as much as I would want to keep up, you’ll definitely lose me. No, not even boxing where a fellow Filipino reigns (or used to reign depending on who you support right now). I’m just really not into any of them. But I do love seeing people gathering to support their favorite team though. They always seem really happy.

As a child I never got to engage into any sport. My playmates and I mostly played games of pretend, classic Filipino games, and variations of tag. I explored basketball a bit when my cousins got a makeshift basketball ring installed in our compound but I stopped. Mom wouldn’t let me play contact sports with the other children. Needless to say she was being overprotective. But I didn’t want it so bad anyway. If I did, I wouldn’t have let her stopped me.

I guess one of the reasons why I never really got so into sports is my disinclination to serious competition. I always feel a bit uncomfortable seeing somebody lose and feel bad about it. As a result I also lack the drive to push myself to excel in any sport. Why train if you don’t have any plans of winning right? Yet I still do play some and win some.


Yes, I win once in a while despite what a lot of people expect from noobs like me. Whatever drive that causes me to win I get from people on the other side of the court being too much of a show off. Winning in occasions like that is like my way of telling the opponent that he already consumed too much airtime showing off and it’s about time to shut up. No, not all of my attempts get to be successful. But showing off a little bit too much gets ridiculous in time and by then I no longer have to do anything with it but smile. Yes I agree that showing off can be a part of any game but you don’t need to bear with something you are not comfortable with. Stop it if you can, that’s one good self challenge.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend introduced me to the term extra beginner. I don’t know if it’s a valid term but it is supposed to mock players who are too bad at something that they don’t even deserve to be called beginners. It’s much like how you put extra in extra small shirt sizes. And quite oddly it led me to an analogy. In any game, you walk in wearing a label in the eyes of your opponent. You could be a beginner, an advanced player, or a really good one. But never an expert I guess. I believe the extremely competitive ones wear that label and they don’t share.

Extra beginner, I like that. It’s actually hilarious. But I won’t mind being called one. -aB


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