Cringeworthy Codes and Changing Standards

There are also little things that I could say about my day job. Read on if you want to know them.

So I was on a bus last night and didn’t want to spend the time sleeping. I typed these on my phone.

I believe that all programmers at some point in their lives have written codes that were rather crude; an obvious understatement. No, they were awful. I could still recall my first few programming exercises where after I spent a good amount of time of our class resolving segmentation faults I was left with the burden of refactoring and optimizing my program. Actually no, the latter was a lie. I used to not care about any standard; I did not know any standard. And even though I had several attempts of optimizing my codes, I found them pretty time consuming that I settled with what worked most of the time. That was me learning programming; a term I only hear in movies when I was younger; a thing that…

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